Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Road Jam

One of the obvious but wonderful benefits of having a brewery practically stumbling distance to my front doorstep is being able to try new beers pretty much as quickly as they can brew them.

It seems like Two Roads has a new beer on tap almost every time I go there. I go there a lot.

The latest and greatest offering is Road Jam. An ale brewed with black and red raspberries & lemongrass.

Road Jam (5% ABV) pours a bright deep pink with a thick froth of foam the color of which is reminiscent of Nestle Quik strawberry milk.

The aroma is a mouth watering burst of fresh berries.

The taste is fabulous. The flavor of fresh berries washes over the palate finishing crisp and somewhat sour.

That Two Roads used real raspberry puree instead of natural and/or artificial "flavors" or berry extract is obvious. There is a definite freshness about Road Jam.

The mouthfeel is light with loads of tiny champagne-like bubbles.  An easy going and refreshing brew that will be awesome as the weather turns hot.

Overall: berry -er- very good!

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