Sunday, April 24, 2016

Two Roads Garden Party

Two Roads Brewing is so prolific with introducing new and interesting brews and hosting so many awesome beer events that I don't blog about them very often. Otherwise this would end up being a blog about my favorite local brewery.

That being said, Two Roads hosted a Garden Party that was just so much fun that I find myself compelled to write about it.

When I arrived at Two Roads' hop yard, I was handed a random packet of flower seeds and a ticket for my first beer. Which, I of course, used to obtain the new limited edition beer called Roads Garden.

Roads Garden is a hefty saison coming in at a weighty 8.9% ABV. This amazingly aromatic beer is brewed with a variety of edible flowers; including lavender, chamomile and calendula. The flowery aroma fronts a boozy brew encompassing all the aspects of a traditional farmhouse ale. Tasty and truly remarkable.

Amid the lawn games, the little farmers market, and the bands were fun and creative floral exhibits that complemented the spirit of Roads Garden quite nicely.

There were performance artists dressed as flowers languidly undulating within lovely floral arrangements.

And there were stations set up to create cozies made up with fresh flowers. They were clever and lovely accompaniments to accent the beer.

Two Roads always manages to put together a festive event; well organized and lots of fun.

Overall, it was a lovely day with good beer, good friends, and good times.

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