Monday, February 20, 2012

Places to eat and drink in the White Mountains of NH

Since we're vacationing in the White Mountains this week I think it's appropriate that my premier review is about my favorite food and drink places to patronize while visiting this area:

These are our must visit places and a trip isn’t the same without a one or all of these places. (Usually not all of them on the same day!)

Outstanding beers brewed on the premises.  Our absolute favorite . . .  their blueberry beer.  It’s a yummy wheat beer that is available all year round.   My second favorite is the Hoffman Weiss, a flavorful wheat beer that is simply amazing.  This time of year the seasonal brew is . . .  Moat Octoberfest, a malty rich beer.  Oh and served in pints or 20 oz glasses.  The food at the Moat is nothing to turn your nose up at either.  The in house barbeque and awesome burgers are to drool over but my all-time favorite is their hush puppies served with real maple syrup.  OMG so good!

A great place to go on a Friday or Saturday night when there’s always a live band.   The bar staff are personable and amusing . . . especially Shelley.  The steaks are un-freaking-believable; aged and cooked just the way you like.  They have beer on tap from local micro breweries and house special concoctions like Tommy’s margaritas and Bloody Marys.

The place to go on a Sunday afternoon when they have Irish seisún, or pub session.  Local musicians hang out in the bar and jam, they are incredibly good.   The atmosphere is eclectic and fun with all manner of collectible and whatnots scattered throughout.  The food . . . Irish perfection – MY favorite is her sirloin tips . . . I don’t know what she marinates those things in but they are a taste of heaven.  May Kelly can be seen running around the place like a maniac making sure everything is perfect . . . And it usually is.  All the favorite Irish brews are on tap and served in a correct glass WITH A PROPER POUR.

This place is a favorite.  Woodstock brews their own beer on site and it’s seriously good stuff!  Though all their beers are remarkable, my seasonal favorite is the Raspberry Wheat, which is their summer offering.   No wait, my seasonal favorite is the Autumn Ale, which is a simply delicious apple spice beer . . . must I have to choose between them?   No, actually I don’t since they serve them up at different times of the year.  The food is so so good.  Their wings are hot as hell, if you want them that way.  Their burgers are big and juicy.  They make most of their own bread with the spent grains from the brewing process.  YUM!  We always make sure to grab a couple of growlers of beer on the way out.  BTW, they also make their own root beer.

A nice cozy restaurant with truly authentic margaritas and Mexican fare.  The food is excellent and the margaritas are outstanding . . . by the glass, pitcher, frozen or whatever.   The best fajitas I've had . . . ANYWHERE!  

Tuckermans isn’t a place to eat or drink, not really.  It’s a local brewery that does tours.  It’s a small operation and the tour is quick.  The best part . . . they give free samples . . . mmmmmm fresh beer!  You typically can’t find their brews outside of Maine and New Hampshire, but you will find their beers on tap at most of the local pubs. 

So, now you know what we do when we go to New Hampshire.  And you thought it was all about the awesome riding!

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