Friday, October 14, 2016

Big Water Brewing

Anyone who really knows me knows I don't like crowded places. I especially don't like fairs and carnivals. Beer fests are barely tolerable but, you know, beer.

Fryeburg Fair is the exception. It's so much like the agricultural fairs I remember from my youth; I love going there.

I was like a little kid. Dragging my poor husband all over the place.  Ooo, ooo look at this. Ooo, ooo look at that! Ooo, ooo . . .
He's very patient. He just follows the bouncing butt.

We checked out all manner of livestock, stuffed our faces with meaty goodness and vinegar soaked french fries, looked at crafts and various demonstrations.

After all that excitement,  we were looking forward to kicking back with a nice cold brew.

We stopped at the Vista Country Store on the way back to our motel. I've blogged (click link) about this store before, they have a great beer selection and there's always something good to try.

I was tired and not really paying attention to what was going on in the store, all I wanted was something cold to drink and was totally focused on trying to pick out something from the beer cooler.

The beer manager asked if we needed help. I was like, "Nah, just looking for something new to try."

He was like, "Do you like sours? We're doing a tasting right over here."

I was like, "Ooo, ooo" Once again, with a sigh, hubby was following the bouncing butt.

What a happy surprise. Ben Jones from Big Water Brewing was doing a tasting of his sours. YUM!

Ben was very generous with both his time and pours. He let us taste from every bottle and happily talked about his brews.

All of the beers were distinctive; the variety of flavors was amazing. I can't say I liked them all, but I certainly appreciated them all.

It wasn't an easy choice, but we decided on a bottle of Raspberry Lambic. Mainly because it was so light and refreshing and that's just what we were looking for.

We got back to the motel, popped that bottle and kicked back.  The lambic paired very well with my Acid Kuba Kuba cigar.

Good stuff.

Check out this excellent article in NH Magazine on Ben and his brewery -  Big Water Brewing.

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