Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whaler Ale - Anheuser Busch

The second beer was Whaler Ale.  The Whalers are a local minor league hockey team so when I spotted a beer  named after them on tap I just had to try it.  It just has to be a local beer no?  Well . . . no . . . not really.  I was surprised and disappointed to find out that Whaler Ale is actually Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser American Ale repackaged as Whaler Ale.

With all the great locally owned and operated Connecticut breweries around why a huge company that produces copious quantities of mediocre beer?  I don’t know . . . someone didn’t think that one through.   I kind of feel like I was misled into believing it was a local beer; I would have been happier knowing it was a Budweiser product.

The beer wasn't bad but it is what it is . . . mass produced beer in the style of American Amber ale.  It was a little malty, a little hoppy with a slightly sweet undertone.   Don’t let my disappointment in the misguided marketing of the beer dissuade you from trying this beer.  It is refreshing and tasty and overall a good ale.  5.3% alcohol by volume.

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