Friday, August 24, 2012

Great balls of fire!

Once a week hubby and I go out for a date night.  This typically consists of getting all googly eyed at each other over good hot wings and cheap cold beer.  Hey, what can I say . . . we're not classy but we have fun together.

This week was a little different.  Oh, there were plenty of wings and a big pitcher of beer . . . and googly eyeballing . . . to be sure.  But I saw a drink special above the bar I simply had to try.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Shooter!  

Our lovely server . . . brought over a little shaker . . . shake shake shaking it all the way . . . and a shot glass. 

She placed the glass in front me and pour a thick, cold, amber liquid into.   The enticing aroma of warm cinnamon wafted forth.  Drooool!

If you thought I wasted any time tasting it you'd be dead wrong.

Goodness gracious great balls of fire!  That stuff is GOOD!
If you're not a whisky drinker fear not . . . this tasted like no other whisky I've ever had.  There is no whisky flavor nor is there any whisky burn.   All that you taste is a Fireball . . . you remember those round red penny candies from when you were a kid?  Yup . . . just like that!

Seriously dangerous stuff.  And, oh my oh so yummy.

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Glenn B said...

Sounds like cinnamon schnapps with hot sauce added to it. I used to drink that many moons ago. It was often a dare to see how much hot sauce you would add to a shot. I think a tablespoon was my limit and I regretted it after a couple of them (acid reflux). Much better with about a quarter or half teaspoon added. Your are right about the candy like taste. Always reminded me of the candy, down this way, called Red Hots. Probably quite similar to those you recall.

All the best,
Glenn B