Monday, March 24, 2014

Cold Ass Honky

When I was a wee snip of girl, one of the things I most looked forward to during the week was Friday nights and watching the Dukes of Hazzard.

I dreamed of being blessed with long legs like Daisy (yeah, that didn't happen. Not even close!), enjoying a romance with Luke,  taking a ride in the Robert E. Lee (with Luke, of course), and flapping the ears of Roscoe Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Coltrane’s hound dog Flash. I even fantasized giving Boss Hogg’s jowls a jiggle to prove the theory of perpetual motion.

When I saw the label on a bottle of Brash Cold Ass Honky, it immediately conjured images of my favorite show.

I must be getting old, but I had no flippin' clue as to what a cold ass honky was.

Apparently, it's supposed to be some sort of a compliment. The best I can come up with is that the source of this phrase is from a song called Thrift Shop from rapper Macklemore. The pertinent lyrics:

I'm so pumped about some shit from the thrift shop

Ice on the fringe, it's so damn frosty

That people like, "Damn! That's a cold ass honkey."

Yeah, okay, whatever.

Needless to say, I had to buy the brew.

Cold Ass Honky (8.5 ABV) pours a haze deep gold color. The head is thick and clingy leaving behind nice layered lacing.

The aroma is fruity, yeasty, and malty.

The taste is a nice breadiness with overtones of citrus and grapefruit. Not grapefruit like a hoppy grape fruitiness. But full-on real fruit grapefruit (if you know what I mean). There's a solid malt back bone and other milder fruit flavors plus a bit of funkiness thrown in for good measure. There is a clear alcohol presence but it's not obnoxious. The finish is mildly bitter.

The mouthfeel is somewhat light with nice carbonation.

Cold Ass Honky is tasty and delightfully, yet dangerously, drinkable.

Overall: good

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Unknown said...

Hmmm, it sounds like something derogatory or something that would be signal "street rep". haha