Friday, March 21, 2014

Wild IPA - Quarantined Series #1

I received a gift of brews from the guys a Bottom-Side-Up Brewing. As they say, they are two homebrewing brothers who like to make good beer!

Well, I'll be the judge of that.

I busted into the most interesting looking bottle first. It was the smallest, with the most simplistic label, and - most intriguing of all - it was labeled 'Wild IPA'.

The description on the back of the label made it all the more enticing. An IPA aged on Cabernet soaked oak chips and infected with strains of wild yeast. The result is a funk, fruity wild IPA.

Tell me that doesn't sound interesting!

It pours a clear honey gold with no trace of a head.

The aroma is of fruit and a crisp wine.

The taste was unique and wonderful.  I was expecting more hops but the aging process mellowed out much of the wonderful bitterness. But it was quite lovely, just the same. Just different from what I had anticipated.  The wood and Cabernet were very much in evidence. Compared to other sours I've had, this one was completely different. It changed the way I viewed sours; most of which I've had have been too sweet and not so much sour. This one was fantastic and now I can't wait to drink more of this style.

The mouth feel was medium and smooth. Very drinkable.

I wish I had had more but, alas, I had to share. Still, I would have wanted more.  This was a great beer. I think I'm hooked on sours!

Overall: excellent

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