Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shore 2 the Pour

I'm not a runner, but a bunch of pals of mine signed up to run the Two Roads Brewery Shore 2 the Pour 5K road (sand) race. Since hubby and I had nothing better to do and the 5K was being held at a beach near home we decided to go to spectate. And drink beer.  We don't run. We drink beer.

It was a perfect day.  Clear sunny skies. Not too hot. And a lovely sea breeze. A great day for a run.  And to drink beer.

You may detect a theme. :D

Aaaaaannnnd they were off.  A couple hundred intrepid runners, joggers, and walkers cruising along the sandy beach. 

It was an awesome sight to see. Down the sandy beach, along the rocky shore, to the Audubon property on the point. Then back again.

Much sooner than I could ever have dreamed, the first runners were on their way back and nearing the finish line. Remarkable!  One of the first people to finish was Two Roads Brewer John Rehm. Last year he actually won!

My friends weren't quite that fast. One by one at varying intervals my friends ran by and finished.

It was inspiring.

Then the beer started flowing. Well deserved beers were quaffed.  Cheers went up. None of my buddies won a trophy but finishing was reward enough. It was a tough run on difficult terrain.

By all accounts, it was a great race hosted by a great brewery.

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