Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OId Stitch

Once a year, a bunch of us bloggers from the north east get together for a day of camaraderie and shootin' goodness. Coincidentally, it's called the North East Blogger Shoot. Clever huh?

This year one such blogger - Excels at Nothing -  made the trek all the way up from Virginia. Among other things, she does colonial era reenacting. From making her own garb to shooting reproduction period weaponry. Nancy is super cool. And cute, too.

Although, most of us brought modern firearms, she brought her Brown Bess to the shoot. Brown Bess is a muzzle-loading smoothbore flintlock musket.

I have to admit that shooting black powder is wicked good fun. I own a couple modern black powder guns, myself.

I never shot a flintlock musket before.  Nancy was kind and generous enough to show me how to load it and let me shoot it. Woo hoo!  Smoky blastin' boominess.  Woot!

Serious awesomeness.

Nancy was also sweet enough to bring me a beer that is exclusive to Colonial Williamsburg! Like I say, I have the bestest friends!!

She brought me Old Stitch which, like Brown Bess, is a brown. A brown ale, that is.

Old Stitch (5% ABV) is brewed by AleWerks Brewing.

Since this brew and I were brought together by shootin' goodness, it seemed only appropriate to open it with my .50 caliber bottle opener.

Old Stitch pours a clear rich brown.

The aroma is mild and malty.

The taste was surprising! It was gently roasty with hints of cocoa and coffee. Much like a stout but not quite. Pretty darned good! The finish is clean and roasty.

The mouth feel is light, smooth, and playfully effervescent.

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of brown ales. They're usually pretty meh. Old Stitch is really quite good, actually. Flavorful and super refreshing. I could drink a bucket load of these. And, with such a low alcohol content, I might just be able to.

Overall: very good.

That is my mentally deficient husband photo-bombing.

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