Saturday, October 4, 2014

Smoke in the Valley

When I bought my tickets for Smoke in the Valley beer and chili festival I had never anticipated that it would be pouring rain the whole farking day. Whatever. It is what it is. And it is beer! And chili.

We got shuttled to the festival on a school bus. Funny, but I seem to remember the seats being much much biggerer.  Funny how that is.

When we got dropped off I was impressed by the size of the crowd. Beer drinkers will not be deterred! Not by drizzle, rain, nor deluge! That was very evident.

Those good folks running the festival were well prepared for the weather. There were tents set up over every pouring station and chili/food vendor. One couldn’t avoid the raindrops but there was respite from the wetness.

Beer. Holy cow. I sampled 104 brews! Seriously! That’s a lot of beer and I didn’t even try them all. 

And food? The focus was on chili and there were some yummy ones. My favorite was from Spud Stud but Uncle Willie’s was a close second.

There were bands playing and thankfully no one got electrocuted! Whew.

Despite being a soggy mess, overall it was a great day.

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