Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ommegang XV

There are few things that I find as relaxing and rejuvenating as camping. That is why, no matter what is going on in my life, I make the time to go camping at least once a year.

Camping to me is sleeping in a tent, chillin' by a raging fire, reading a good book, hanging with best friends, and . . . you got it! . . . drinking beer.

Traditionally, we bring a cooler full of easy drinking, slam-backable brew. This year it was Road Jam by Two Roads Brewery.  However, I also always bring along a few special brews to sip and savor.

The first beer of these year's camping trip was a special brew, indeed.

XV Reserve Ale was brewed by Ommegang to celebrate 15 years of beer making awesomeness.
I bought this extremely limited brew two years ago and have been cellaring it for a special occasion. Since our annual camping trip also coincides with our wedding anniversary, I think it was about time to bust it out.

XV (15th Anniversary Ale (9.6% ABV) is a Quadrupel.

It pours deep and dense with a tease of red. It is capped with a small but thick tan head that dissipates into a halo of foam that lingers around the edge of the glass.

The aroma is wow-rrific! It smells of rich dried fruits, dark sugars, yeast, warm spices.

The taste is intense and complex. Dark sweet malts are the base for dried fruit like prunes and raisins, burnt sugary molasses, spices like cocoa, clove, and pepper, bready yeast, toast and crackers. All this and it works wonderfully well. The alcohol? It's in there for sure. The beer tastes strong but it's not boozy. The finish is sweet but not sticky.

The mouthfeel is full and creamy and smooth.

Overall: very good.

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