Sunday, November 30, 2014


One of my favorite New Hampshire breweries is Tuckerman Brewing Company. They have consistently good tasty beer. You can find their brews in restaurants all over the state and surrounding areas.

I've visited their brewery on a number of occasions, but now they have a new and bigger brewery. If you're familiar with the location of the old brewery, you shouldn't have a difficult time finding their new location. It's right across the parking lot.  :)

So, when we were up for the holidays we swung by to check out their new digs.

Unfortunately, we missed the grand opening that was attended by local resident and Olympic champion Bode Miller.

I was impressed with the new brewery. They've certainly expanded the operation and their new tasting area is lovely. We signed up for the tour and settled in to sample some brews while we waited.

We were greeted by the lovely Amanda who served up the beer and was to be our tour guide.

The new brewery is awesome and all that, but I was wicked excited to try their new beer.

The new brew which is officially named TRale has the unofficial epithet of Bode Beer. However, the beer is actually named after the Turtle Ridge Foundation, a  non-profit youth and adaptive sports foundation created by Bode Miller's family. A portion of the sales of TRale will go to the charity.

TRale (4.9% ABV) is a kolsch. I love a good kolsch.  Mmm, so crisp and refreshing. TRale filled that bill quite nicely.

It poured a rich honey gold with a nice fluff of foam that lingered and clung to the glass.

 The aroma is a gentle array of bready malt with a touch of fruitiness.

The taste replicates the aroma quite nicely; mildly bready, a little fruity. Barely sweet, it is also gently hoppy without being overtly bitter. Pleasant and near to Kolsch perfection. The finish is dry and begs for more.

The mouthfeel is medium-light and effervescent.

TRale has a taste that is just what I want from a Kolsch. Clean, crisp and refresshing. Delish! I hope this becomes a Tuckerman staple brew!!

Overall: very good

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