Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Swig Flasks - a review

When I was contacted by Swig to review one of their flasks, at first I was like "Nah, this isn't beer related." Then I was like, "What the hell, it's alcohol related. Close 'nuff".

They allowed me to pick from any of their flasks. I chose the Executive Moulded Black Flask; which is their mid-range model.

It arrived in a nice package all tied up with a snazzy blue ribbon that matched the stitching on the leather flask pouch.

The flask is of sturdy construction and has a shiny, mirror-like finish. I have to say that, as compared to other flasks I own (which have thin walls and are cheaply made), this is a very heavy duty flask. And it's beautiful. The leather pouch is also nicely made and fits the flask quite snugly.

The flask also came engraved with a number that grants me access to the super secret Swig Society. Uhm, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that. So, much for secret. You have to own a flask to get in to the club and also know a special handshake. (I made that last part up - it's actually a wink/nod combo).

I didn't know how I was going to carry it since I don't ever carry a hip flask; that's a hipster sort of thing to do. Get it? Hipster / hip flask. Ha!  Uh, nevermind. Anyhoo . . .

Since I don't normally carry  a flask I needed to find an occasion to carry one.

I was signed up to "run" a 5K and I figured that as good an opportunity as any to give it a go. Since it's November, it's cold, and I hate running I figured I would need to fortify myself to get through the experience. I poured my liquid fortification into my nifty new flask. Said fortification was Vermont Honeycrisp Ice Cider made by Champlain Orchards - an 11% ABV hard cider. If that didn't warm me and get me going, not much else would. Right?

Honeycrisp is made 100% from Vermont-grown Honeycrisp apples. It is sweet yet tart. Good stuff - wicked strong and tasty, too.

I geared up for the 5K - layers of warm clothing, comfy sneakers, cozy hat, fuzzy beard, running pack, and my flask.

Why the beard? To keep my face warm, duh. Not really - although it did a fine job at that. The run - called the Movember 5K -  was in support of men's health. Since it's No-Shave November, everyone was sporting facial hair; fake or no. I have no desire to actually grow a beard, so I made mine - see the pattern here. (I made the hat, too.)

At the start line I braced myself with a swig from my flask. Then headed off at my sad, strained, painful, plodding pace.

I met a mustachioed owl along the way. That blasted bird finished way before me. I mean, like, way before me. In fact, I was passed by just about everyone.

Since I am, possibly, the least competitive person ever born that didn't really bother me.

But . . . I finished, I finished under hour, and I didn't finish last.

So, as a reward to myself, I celebrated by taking several more swigs from my sexy new flask.

Yay me!


I may have to start carry a flask, it's pretty sharp looking! Don't I look spiffy??

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