Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not Your Father's Root Beer Float

Hubby love, love, loves Not Your Father's Root Beer. Frankly, I refuse to try it. I hate, hate, hate root beer in any form. Blech.

But since he loves root beer, I made him something extra special. A Not Your Father's Root Beer Float made with Yuengling Root Beer ice cream. Double double root beer goodness.

Not Your Father's Root Beer Float

1 Pint Yuengling Root Beer ice cream
2 Bottles Not Your Father's root beer
1 Shot Calico Jack Whipped Rum

Pour the vanilla rum and Not Your Father's root beer into a tall glass.

Add a big honkin' scoop of ice cream on top.

Watch it get all foamy and suck down the foam before it drips down the sides.


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