Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I have discovered my new favorite summer beer.

It happened during a regularly scheduled wings and beer night. New on tap was TropiCannon. I'm always up for trying something new. A new Heavy Seas beer? Bring it!

The brew was brought forth. One whiff and I thought I died and went to heaven.

The aroma of this beer is so flippin' salivatory. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Loads and loads of tropical fruit and a smidge of tart grapefruit. The smell simply makes my salivary glands gush.

And the taste? OMG! Like IPA swimming in a sea of sweet juicy fruits  and snappy citrus.

I promptly went out and bought a case. Drank that case. Bought more. Repeat.

TropiCannon is awesome. Drink it.

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