Friday, June 3, 2016

Nitro in a can

For the past few months, whenever hubby and I are out for wings and beer night, I keep seeing television commercials for Guinness Nitro IPA. I say to myself, "That's interesting, I really should try that".

I usually like beer on a nitro tap; I love the smooth creaminess the nitro bubbles impart to the brew.

However, I have the long term memory of a goldfish and I kept forgetting to pick some up.

Flash forward a couple weeks (months or some such),  I finally remembered to look for said beer while I'm out shopping.

Clueless lil' ol' me discovered there were numerous varieties of canned nitro brews. Sheesh! Decisions, decisions.

I picked up the Guinness Nitro IPA and a couple Samuel Adams Nitros; Nitro IPA and Nitro White Ale, respectively.

Overall, the canned nitros present quite prettily in a glass; a cascading fall of tiny little bubbles. They are generally quite easy going and very drinkable. They have a lush, smooth mouth feel. Unfortunately, despite the infusion of gas, they fall quite a bit flat in the carbonation department. I like the tingly feel of voluminous effervescence in traditionally carbonated brews.

Don't get me wrong. They're not horrible, just not my thing. That being said, I wouldn't turn one down if offered.

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