Friday, February 20, 2015

Beer Camp Hoppy Lager

I love it when a new brew is on tap when we go out for our weekly wings and beer night!

New on tap is Beer Camp Hoppy Lager brewed by Sierra Nevada.

This beer is part of a series that "is a tribute to the art, and sometimes absurd ambition, of American craft beer."

Since it has "hoppy" in the description, I was all over that!

Beer Camp Hoppy Lager (7.00% ABV) is an Imperial Pilsner.

It pours a amber gold with a small finger foamy white head that left behind some loose lacing.

The aroma is mostly resinous and dank-ish hops.

The taste is very hoppy and much like an IPA.  Lots of hops and little malt presence, although there is a touch of sweetness to offset the bitterness. The finish is crisp and clean.

The mouth feel is medium with lively carbonation.

Beer Camp hoppy lager is enjoyably hoppy without being harsh. Drinkable and delish.

Overall: good.

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