Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hobbs Tavern and Brewing

After a visit to Sap House Meadery to enjoy a sampling of their delicious offerings - including their new red wine, which is absolutely fabulous - we headed off to Hobbs Tavern and Brewing for a late lunch and brews.

Hobbs is partly owned by one of the founder/owners of Sap House Meadery. You'll see their products offered at Hobbs.

The restaurant has an amazing warm, rustic atmosphere. The staff is friendly and attentive.

The food was fantastic. The hot wings were crisp and flavorful - spicy without being brutal. The grilled cheese and soup was wicked good. The burger was cooked perfectly and generously sized. All good stuff. And quite satisfying.

A couple of seemingly minor things really impressed me.

One was the use of slates for beer boards. They are reusable and continue the philosophy of sustainability that Sap House Meadery promotes and that is so prominent in this area.

The second was the chalkboard strips used on the beer flights to label what each beer is. It made it very easy to identify which beer was which without having to refer to a separate list that may or not be in the correct order.

Minor, like I said, but great ideas well executed.
Black Sheep Cream Ale (5.3% ABV)  is a hazy golden ale with a fresh and inviting aroma. The taste is initially mildly sweet grains with a whisper of tangy citrus. A gently hoppy bitterness balances out the sweetness for a crisp finish. A nice, light, easy drinking beer.

West Ossipee Winter Warmer (5.7% ABV)  is a lightly spiced brown ale. It is malty and flavorful without being heavy. A tasty seasonal ale that is delightfully drinkable.

Something Went A-Rye (5.2% ABV a good IPA with a clever name. The rye is clearly identifiable complimented by just the right amount of hoppy bitterness. A balanced IPA that is tasty without violating your tastebuds.

Born To Be Mild (2.8% ABV) is a brown ale that, despite its low alcohol content, is incredibly malty and hearty. Mild indeed! I am truly impressed with this offering. Very well done.

Bearcamp Brown  (4.1% ABV) has a lovely sweet caramel flavor that compliments a solid malt backbone with a hint of smoke. Barely a whisper of bitterness yet still well balanced. Tasty.

Leaf Peeper Rauchbier is what a rauchbier is all about - smoke. Not my favorite style by a long shot and I honestly didn't care for it. That being said, hubby likes smoked beers and he liked this one. So, there you have it.  Not every beer is for everyone but there's a beer for every taste.

I really enjoyed my Hobbs experience. I was comfortable in the surroundings and the food was delicious and well presented.

But, I was there for the beer. I wasn't disappointed. There is really is a beer at Hobbs for every taste; including beer from other breweries. Yeah, I tasted those, too. Cuz that's the way I roll.

I'll be back for sure.  :)

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