Monday, April 27, 2015

Birthday Beer! (and a margarita)

Hey! Hey! It's my birthday! So, my sweet hubby took me out for dinner.

We went to Joey Cs Roadhouse BBQ & Tex Mex per my request. Joey C's has great barbecue, fresh margaritas, and a pretty good craft beer list.

It was happy hour so I started out with a house margarita. Of course I was sharing photos of the festivities on social media and the first comment I got was "OMG... you without a beer."

Not to disappoint my friends and fans, I ordered a beer.

Their beer list said they had a "Super limited edition Dogfish Head Burton Baton IPA on tap. Holy guacamole!! Sadly, the tap had run dry with not even a drop to spare. So sad.

Since I wanted a hoppy birthday, I went for the Sierra Nevada Hop HunterThat they had!  Woot!

It was served in a Magic Hat shaker pint. I can't fault them for their choice in glassware. The brew was tasty.

Hop Hunter (6.20% ABV) is American IPA.

It didn't have a huge aroma but the taste was crispy and piney.  Loads of yummy hop flavors without being brutally bitter.

Hop Hunter was delicious and refreshing.

It went pretty well with my mound of ribs, too!

Good stuff.

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