Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tour de Anniversaire 2015

Birthday cake courtesy of Willimantic Brewing Company

This is that very special time of year when I enlist hubby as my chauffeur so that he can haul my ass all over the state on a beerific drunken odyssey. Yep, it's birthday time. And I have the best husband ever.

We started my quest by checking out Stony Creek. I was really impressed with the new digs. The brew house is glistening and has plenty of room for expansion. The tasting room is bright and airy with a beautiful deck overlooking the creek.

The beer wasn't so bad either. In fact, I was quite impressed. I admit I was not a fan of any of the Stony Creek beer that was contract brewed at Hooker. But the new brewmaster has done a fine job creating some fine and tasty brews.

We enjoyed samplings of all the brews on tap. I liked all the brews but I especially like Cranky and Creeker. The black ale on nitro was wicked good!

I can't wait to go back!

Then it was off to say a fond fare-thee-well to Thimble Island's soon-to-be old location.

We sampled a few brews and went on our way.

I'm looking forward to visiting the new brewhouse.

Then we were off on a short run up the road for a first visit to Duvig. I've had Duvig beer several times over the past year at various brew festivals but this was my first visit to the brewery.

We got a flight and sampled each brew. I liked all of them. I'm not usually a fan of brown ales, but I was even impressed with this one. I especially liked the pale ale, it was really flippin' good.

And, finally, off to the ultimate destination - Willimantic Brewing Company - where we enjoyed a variety of wings, burgers, garlic fries, every dessert on the menu, and BEER!

There were too many beers on the menu to try them all, so I stuck with my beloved IPA's.

Willimantic Brewing Company is one of my happy places.  Good food and better beer.

Ah, good times.

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