Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I had my first Presidente beer while watching the sun rise from the balcony of a vacation condo in St. Thomas. Dawn was breaking, my brother-in-law handed me a beer. Who am I to argue?

So, I drank it.

It wasn't the last.

It became a personal sunrise tradition to watch the sun come up and suck down a Presidente. There are certainly worse things in life.

Presidente (5.00% ABV) is is an American Adjunct Lager brewed by Cervecería Nacional Dominicana  in the Dominican Republic.

It's an island beer, just not brewed on the island I was vacationing on. However, President is sold just about everywhere.

It's not super awesome but it is very light, refreshing, and drinkable. And cheap. Cheap is good when you're on vacation.  And, to be perfectly honest, it didn't suck.

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Anonymous said...

I have had Presidente in Dominican Republic. No the Light. Their slang term for it means "the bride". They serve the bottles ice cold, with a coating of frost on them (like a veil). Not bad beer in a hot climate.