Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jalapeno Pepper / Lime IPA Infusion

My first two beer infusion experiments - both quite successful, I might add - I used stout beers with rich ingredients.

So, my next infusion I went with a brighter beer and lighter additions. Using a French press, I infused jalapeno pepper and fresh lime with Ithaca Flower Power. 

Flower Power is a pretty good IPA.  However, in my ever-so-humble opinion, I made it better! The infusion was awesome!  Refreshing, spicy and delicious.  

The difference between  the Ol' Factory jalapeno pilsner that Two Roads recently casked and the Jalapeno Pepper and Cocoa Imperial Stout I infused the other day was interesting.  The bitter tartness of the IPA made this pepper infusion something very different and very wonderful!

Jalapeno Pepper / Lime IPA Infusion

I placed a couple slices if jalapeno pepper with the seeds into the pot along with a couple slices of lime. Top that with a 12 ounce bottle of beer. Let the lime and pepper slices rest in the beer for 4 minutes.  Finally, press the filter down slowly and pour into a glass.  

The resulting beer was soooooo good.  The aroma was mouthwateringly peppery.  The taste was just the right amount of pepper taste and heat. The capsaicin warmth built with every sip. The lime added a boost of tart citrus that was perfect. This was a very easy to drink concoction.  Dangerous considering the 7.5% ABV of Flower Power.



John Campbell said...

Love the idea. Had a jalepeno brew at Asheville Brewing Co. a few years back and have wanted to try a good one ever since. Will try this with the Half Acre Daisy Cutter this eve sans the lime.

Bräuista said...

Let me know how you like it!