Saturday, November 24, 2012

A beer excursion at Hilly Billy's Barbecue

While on our little Thanksgiving weekend mini-vacation in North Conway, NH we decided to stop for a couple of beers in between beer stops.  Well, to be honest we stopped here after a mead run at the Sap House Meadery, but it was before going for beer at the Red Parka.  

I kid you not, hubby and I are beer whores.  

So, we decided to try out Hill Billy's Barbecue.  We're in the area several times a year and Hill Billy's is one of those places we keep meaning to check out but never seem to get around to.   I'm glad we did . . . great beer, good food, helpful wait staff!

Figuring out what to get to snack on was a no-brainer . . . sweet/spicy chili wings (as recommended by Meghan, our lovely and talented bartendress), hot wings and onion rings. Yum.  The beer selection made picking a beer very difficult.   So, we just went for it and tried as many of the ones we hadn't had before as we could . . .  we couldn't squeeze them all in but got most of them.

Oh, relax.  We didn't get slooshed.  We each had a pint and then opted for a sampler.  

This is how it went . . . 

Hex (Ourtoberfest) by Magic Hat Brewing (5.4% ABV) - it smells pretty much the way it tastes . . . caramel malty with a bit of hops.  The first thing you taste is  mildly sweet maltiness with pleasant bitter finish.  Hex is clean and refreshing and quite tasty.  I would've gone for a second if it not for the other taps screaming at me.

Slick Nick Winter Ale by Sebago Brewing (6.2% ABV) - a nice winter ale.  Plenty of caramel and hints of spices . . . lightly sweet with nice effervescence.  I liked it a lot.

Dead Guy Ale by Rogue Ales (6.6% ABV) -  I haven't met a Rogue beer I haven't liked . . . and this is one no exception.  Dead Guy is very malty up front but has a crisp malt finish to add balance and cleanse the palate for your next sip . . . and your next and your next.  Yum!

Rainbow Red Ale by Trout River Brewing (5% ABV) - The tap head caught my attention with this one . . . it's a trout . . .  so I asked about it.  The bartender said that it was one of their most popular beers.  I can see why, it's really really good.   Lots of caramel malt flavor and exceptionally drinkable . . . Rainbow Red goes down smooth and easy . . . too easy.  

Curious Traveler by House of Shandy (6.5% ABV) - This is another one with an interesting tap head, that and it was right in my face.  So, I asked about it.  The bartender said it was her personal favorite.  Enough said.   It's a refreshing wheat style beer infused with lemons and limes.  It goes down easy and is very tasty.  Another good one! 

Old Thumper by Shipyard Brewing (5.9% ABV) - This is and extra special /  strong bitter ale.  And while there is lots of bitter there is plenty of malt and a bit of fruit to keep all that hoppy bitterness in check.  It finishes clean and begs for another sip.  Quite good.

I really enjoyed our Hill Billy's Barbecue experience.  Frankly, if your mouth doesn't start watering as you're walking in the door then you've got no sense of smell.  I wanted one of everything I was smelling . . . drooool.  If you're in the area give Hilly Billy's a try.  The food was really good and the beer selection impressive.  And, if you're into sports they've got games up on several big screen TVs.

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