Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday shopping my way

I'm ashamed to admit I went shopping on Black Friday.  Anyone who knows me knows that I abhor shopping . . . I'd almost rather chew glass than go shopping, especially on the biggest, nuttiest shopping day of the year.  

So, what could be so compelling that I would risk life, limb and sanity to go shopping on this most frenzied day of purchasing madness?  A giant flat screen television?  No.  An Ipad?  Hells no.  A furby?  Cute, but no.  

Well? What is it?  Beer, duh!

Hubby and I took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend and headed to our favorite place in the whole, wide world . . . the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  

Near to where we stay is a great little store specializing in all kinds of beer, especially local craft brews.  

Glen Beverage is located near the intersection of Routes 302 and 16 in Glen, New Hampshire.  This small, unassuming little store contains a mind boggling variety of beers . . . 200, or so the sign outside says.

You walk in the door to a veritable wonderland of brews.  One of the great things about this store is you can buy almost any beer as a single.  So, if you've never had a particular beer and aren't inclined to buy an entire six-pack or you just want a sampling of a bunch of different beers (like me) this is the place to go.

Hubby and I went nuts . . . him stouts and porters, me IPA's and pale ales . . . we were grabbing bottles and bombers from nearly every shelf as if someone behind us would snatch up all the beer before we got a chance to get ours.  Not that that was likely since we were the only people in the store, at that time.  But, it was all very exciting.

And, although there aren't price tags on most items, the prices were reasonable.  

I'll admit I was a little scared when we started piling our beer selections onto the counter for check-out.  But we walked out with 42 brews  for a fair and reasonable charge.                                                                                    

Anyhoo . . . this is my idea of Black Friday shopping.  Supporting the little guy while obtaining some slammin' good brews!

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