Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Roads Brewery Doubletap

In all my excitement with blogging about the opening of Two Roads Brewery I was remiss in doing a review of the two new beers I tried while I was there.

When I had my sneak peek of the brewery prior to them opening their doors to the public I had the opportunity to try their Holiday Ale, Road 2 Ruin and Honeyspot Road.  All of which were outstanding brews!

When I was at the opening I got to try two new beers . . . 

Worker's Comp Saison is a very sessionable 4.8% ABV.  It is murky golden color with a fluffy head and a hearty wheat aroma.   Worker's Comp is a very wheaty beer that is lightly fruity and a little hoppy . . . making for a delicious, well-balance brew.  If you're a fan of wheat beer then this one is definitely for you!  Light and refreshing . . . very good!

The saison was good and all that but . . . 

Ol' Factory Pils was the star for me.  A clear golden colored beer with a thick head and a mouth-watering hoppy aroma.  A very drinkable and sessionable 5.0% ABV, Ol' Factory is a surprisingly hoppy pilsner.  It's not as hoppy as an IPA.  It is smooth, crisp and has just the right amount of bite.   Oh . . . and lacing?  It's got that! This is one of those beers I could sit around and drink all day . . . and enjoy every single sip.  Delish!!

However, I must admit that Honeyspot Road white IPA remains my favorite of all their beers . . . so far.

For more information about Two Roads Brewery visit their website or check them out on Facebook!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cher. Love your reviews. and appreciate the honest feedback. Now, thanks to the Mayans being wrong about 12/21 we can look forward to having you here again. Of course, that does mean we now have to go Christmas shopping. Brad

Bräuista said...

I can't tell you how happy I am to have such a quality brewery in my town . . . great beer, fun environment and proximity . . . WIN WIN WIN. You'll be seeing me around . . . can't wait to try the Rye Imperial Stout and Double Bock!