Friday, February 28, 2014

Jelly Belly Draft Beer Beans

I think it's fairly apparent that I like beer.

Ya think?

What is probably less known is that I don't overly like candy or sugary stuff in general. I'm already sweet enough with out any additives.

I especially don't like jelly beans. They get stuck in my teeth and threaten my cavity freeness.

But when I saw that Jelly Belly had come out with beer flavored jelly beans, naturally, I had to try them!

Jelly Belly has been working on the recipe for many years. They tried yeasty beans and hoppy beans but ended up with a kind of Hefeweizen flavored bean. Or so they claim. The Draft Beer Jelly Beans are alcohol free, so they are safe for the kiddies.

The shimmering beer colored bean is slightly reminiscent of an effervescent beer. Ever so slightly.

They have a beer like aroma. A sugary sweet beer. Weird but impressive considering the smell is coming from a jelly bean.

They have a distinctly beer like flavor as well. Beer with a definite jelly bean-ness.

The mouth feel is all jelly bean. Including the stick to the teeth quality that I hate.

No one will ever mistake these jelly beans for anything other than what they are. Candy.

If you like jelly beans, Jelly Belly has some fun recipes to try to get your beans to taste like different beer cocktails.

Overall Draft Beer Jelly Beans are pretty interesting. They're tasty in an odd kind of way.

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