Monday, February 3, 2014

Hibernation Ale

The wintry scene and cross country skier on the bottle inspired me to drink this brew by Great Divide on a cold winter night.

Hibernation Ale (8.70% ABV) is an English style old ale. Traditionally old ales are strong, dark malty beers brewed for the colder months.

It pours a mucky caramel color with a big, thick head of foam that leaves behind considerable lacing.

The aroma is roasty malts, molasses, dark fruits, and earthy hops.

The taste is big time malt forward. The roastiness brings forward flavors of cocoa and coffee. Other flavors of fruit and spice tease the palate but don't fully develop. Woodsy, peat like hops provide contrast and balance. The finish is mildly bitter and roasty.

The mouth feel is not quite full with active effervescence. There is some alcohol tingle and warmness.

A little roasty, a little hoppy, and a lot malty - Hibernation Ale is a nice cozy beer to enjoy on a cold day.

Overall: good

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