Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tilted Smile

The label on the bottle of Crooked Line Tilted Smile really appealed to me because I have, too, a tilted smile. It was like a personal connection to a bottle of beer.

The stalkers on the label kind of creep me out. But since the focus isn't on them, I can ignore them for the most part. But they are creepy.

Tilted Smile is an Imperial Pilsner. It is pretty big for a pilsner. Don't think light beer when you think imperial pilsner.

Tilted Smile (9% ABV)  pours a hazy honey gold with a big floof of bright white foam that leaves behind layers of glass gripping lacing.

The aroma is like fresh baked bread just pulled from the oven. Then a bright fruitiness pushes through adding mouth watering contrast.

The taste is fruity, yeasty, malty. The grassy hops make this beer pleasantly bitter. This is a full flavored, well balanced brew. The alcohol is well concealed. The finish is gently bitter.

The mouth feel is full with lively carbonation and some alcohol tingle.

Tilted Smile is a crisp, refreshing pilsner that's big and bold for the classic style.

Overall: good.

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