Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Now on tap at my weekly spot for hot wings and cold beer - Porky's Cafe - Sebago Bump.

Bump (5.30% ABV) is a American Black Ale. It's not a porter or a stout. It's not an IPA. It's something other.

It is a deep dark brown; pretty darned close to black. The head is very stoutish - big, fluffy and dense.

The aroma is kind of Russian Imperial Stout like. Notes of coffee, cocoa but with a mild twang of hops.

The taste is mostly roasty; coffee, cocoa dominate the palate but there, again, is the crisp bite of hops.  It's quite a pleasant taste experience. The finish is mildly bitter.

The mouth feel is light and effervescent.

Bump is a good brew. It has the characteristics of a dark roasted stout but easy drinking and refreshing.  I like it!

Overall: good

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