Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chaz and AJ Beer

Well, the boys have done it again (with a little help from Charter Oak Brewing).

Chaz and AJ are the hosts of WPLR and The FOX morning drive shows. Their sometimes unorthodox and often rude humor graces our airwaves to amuse us while we sit in the never ending traffic jams of the Connecticut highways and byways.

Last winter they released the Chaz and AJ Brown.  A portion of the sale of each bomber went to support the Chaz and AJ Toy Drive.  This time they came out with a nice summer beer - an orange shandy - I'm pretty sure the purpose of this brew was to get Pam drunk. From what I hear tell, they succeeded!

This limited edition brew is being sold only at Town Line Fine Wine on Hawley Lane in Stratford, CT.

Chaz and AJ Orange Shandy (5% ABV) pours an orangy amber color with a small bright white head that diminishes to a film of foam that lingers on top of the brew.

The aroma is of oranges. No surprise there.

Much like the radio show, Chaz and AJ Orange Shandy is light and fruity.  The orange flavor dominates this sweet beer. There are subtle beer characteristics but this brew is all about fresh juicy oranges. The finish is clean and crisp.

The moutheel is light and gently effervescent. 

Chaz and AJ Orange Shandy is extremely drinkable; fantastic to cool off with on a hot summer day.  

Overall: good.

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