Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crescent City Brewhouse

I was in New Orleans for a conference and wisely scheduled a few days worth of time afterwards to play. I dragged my husband along for the fun.

NOLA is a place where booze is cheaper than water and beer isn't nearly as popular as a Hurricane or a Hand Grenade or a Shark Attack. Oh, can't forget the Bananas Foster frothy concoction!

After all that and then some, I was ready for some beer!

We found Crescent City Brewhouse on the outskirts of the French Quarter. It was hellishly hot so we ducked inside to chill out with what promised to be fresh hand crafted beer.

We plopped ourselves down at the bar where the oyster shucking guy was shucking oysters. If you want fresh oysters they have them.

Mmm, not for me. I came for the beer.

We were served the flight and we sampled each in the recommended order.

The Weiss Beer was rather light and refreshing, but not outstanding in any way.

The Black Forest was malty and mellow. But somewhat bland.

Unfortunately, I can't say that any of the brews stood out as anything special.  They all tasted like middle-of-the-road, brewed-for-the-masses kind of beers. That's not to say that they were bad just not what I've come to expect from a craft / micro brewery.

I was a little disappointed but happy to have been able to try new-to-me beer from a new-to-me brewery.

If nothing else, we left a little more refreshed and ready to continue our journey to the depths of Bourbon Street.

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