Thursday, August 27, 2015

Black Hog Brewery - private event

I was invited to attend a private tasting and bottle share event at Black Hog Brewing. I was lucky enough to be selected to receive an invitation due to the recommendation of not one but two Black Hog staffers. I was excited and honored to accept.

Not only did I get to participate in a massive bottle share but I also got the first taste of Black Hog's anniversary beer - Hog Water IPA.

I arrived to find a small but impressive array of beer bloggers. beer enthusiasts, brewers, beer geeks, and even the occasional beer snob - many of whom were already known to me. Hugs and beer all around!

Including several Black Hog beers, I consumed about 40 different beers many which were rare and difficult to obtain. The bottle sharers were very generous with their contributions - the variety was incredible.

We were even treated to a Hillside Brewing mead and Russian imperial stout. Super yummy.

Before the bottle sharing frenzy began, we started out with brews from Black Hog. They're offerings are well crafted and tasty.

The Hop Collective CTZ (5.5% ABV) American IPA - this brew was delightfully bitter and had a super fresh hoppiness that was simply amazing. Wicked good brew!

Coffee Milk Stout (5.5% ABV) - Wow! It had all the smooth creaminess that I expect from a milk stout. An excellent offering.

Disco Pig #2.1 (6.5% ABV) Brett Golden Sour Ale Aged in Cab Franc Barrels - I have a passion for sours. This one does not disappoint - mouthwateringly tart.

Disco Pig #3  (6.3% ABV)La Rouge Trois is a collaboration with Oxbow Brewing Company Flanders Red Ale - light and fruity with a nice tang of sourness.

Disco Pig #4  (6.5% ABV) Lime Maguey - an intriguing combination of flavors. The lime and agave give it a kind of south of the border flavor. Refreshing!

Hog Water (7% ABV) American IPA - has a wonderful combination of hops that is bright and refreshing. A little crisp with a hint of dankness.

A great beer and a rockin' good time! I'm looking forward to attending their anniversary celebration!

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