Friday, August 28, 2015

Field Yield

A beautiful evening with music, friends, and beer. And not just any ol' beer . . . but a brandy-spankin' new beer! Life is good!

For the second concert in the hopyard at Two Roads, they introduced they're latest brew - Field Yield.  Field Yield (5.3% ABV) is an American Pale Ale brewed exclusively with hops harvested from Two Roads' very own  cascade and centennial hop vines. It was just right for drinking on a warm summer evening - bright, flavorful, and refreshing, juicy with a snippet of hoppy bitterness. Delightful and delicious.

The music was groovin'. Jon Slow opened up the evening with a mix of classic songs and his own tunes.  His acoustic style made an enjoyable background for chillin' with a cold brew (or two(ish)).

He was followed by Hitch and the Giddyup. Their bluegrass stylings were fun and energetic; they got folks clapping and dancing. I'd say that they were rockin' but that's not exactly accurate since, you know, bluegrass. They were flippin' awesome!

I hope Two Roads squeezes in a few more of these concerts before the cold weather sets in - good times!

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