Saturday, August 1, 2015

Craft Brew Races - New Haven

It’s been nearly a year since I made the decision to start training so that I would be able to run Two Roads Brewing’s 2015 Shore 2 the Pour 5K.

In that time I’ve learned a something about myself. I really freakin’ hate running.  Really I do. Really.

However, so long as there is beer at the finish. When it comes to these runs the beer is like the carrot put before the donkey. I, my friends, am that ass and beer is my crunchy orange root vegetable.

Pour to the Short 5K is coming up in a couple weeks and I still plan to do it. In an effort to continue my 5K training, I signed up for the Craft Brew Race in New Haven.

It was a perfectly lovely day – clear and sunny if not somewhat hot but not at all humid. I was ready(ish). Well, not really ready but whatever there was the carrot to consider.

Off we go . . . ugh. I actually got off to a running start. I managed to run a little while – a very short little while – before slowing to a walk and my hubby left me behind in his dusty wake.

52 minutes and 59 seconds later I floated across the finish line.

Now where the f^ck is the beer?

Ahhh, there! I was surrounded by it's cold, refreshing, malty, hoppy goodness. 

So many beers, so little time. Too much beer really after being all overheated and sweaty from the road race.

I decided to focus on brews and breweries I hadn't sampled before. It was awesome to try  several new-to-me brews. Of course, there were some old favorites I had to drink, as well.

Although, I tried to limit myself, I did sample quite a few different beers.

Overall, the event was well organized, the route was nice, the run was . . . well, it was what it was . . . and the beer. BEER! An awesome day!

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