Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shore 2 the Pour

It's been a year since I started training to run Two Roads Brewing Company's annual Shore 2 the Pour 5K.

I started training diligently - walking and (sort of) running as often as possible. Hitting the gym. "Running" other 5Ks.

Here's what I learned along the way. I f'n hate running. I really and truly hate it. All you so-called runners who supposedly love to run, all I can say is what-the-f^ck-ever. Running sucks.

Throughout the year I ran several 5Ks - by "ran" I mean that I mostly walked. Most of those 5Ks were beer related. Will run for beer - that's my motto. There's no other thing that can motivate me to run.

What's worse than running? Running on sand, shells, and rocks.

Although the Shore 2 the Pour is pretty much a flat course, it is pretty much all sand, shells, and rocks. But there's beer. Lots and lots of beer. So, you know what? Bring it on!!

I did it! Along with several hundred other people.

And do you know what else? I didn't finish last. That was my goal - not to finish last. It's not a lofty goal but at least I met it. In fact, according to the official race results posted on the internet, I ran a 7-minute mile and finished in 21 minutes.

If it's on the internet it mus be true. Right?

Sadly, wrong. The official analog results posted after the race say something entirely different.

This is more like it. But, as you can clearly see, I did not finish last.

Whatever. There was beer. Lots and lots of beer. And sand. Lots and lots of sand.

Good times.


Robert said...

It was fun when it was over!!

Robert said...

It was fun when it was over!!