Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Please, sir, can I have some Moat?

Any visit to Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery is a good visit. The food is always great - sometimes it gets a little perverted but it's still yummy.  And the beer is simply awesome.  

When Charles Dickens was writing the famous line for Olive Twist "Please, sir, I want some more" he was actually referring to Moat Mountain's Violet B's Blueberry.  

Okay, that's not true but Chip totally wanted another Wee Heavy when he said "Thank you, sir! May I have another?" in the movie Animal House.  

Really! Or not.  But that's what *I* would say.  Just sayin'.

But you can't live on sunshine, blueberries and Scotch ale.  Well, maybe you can.  But there are a lot of brews to choose from and sometimes you need to take a pull from a different tap. 

So, I did.

Czech Pilsner (4.9% ABV) served in a shaker pint glass is a clear reddish gold with a skim of foam floating on the top.  The aroma is malty with a hint of citrus and promisingly hoppy.  The taste is brisk with a good combination of sweet malts and bitter hops. A dry finish with lingering bitterness.  A great beer for a hot day but with plenty flavor and intensity. One of my Moat favorites!  Overall: very good!

Scottie's IPA (6% ABV) served in a shaker pint glass is a hazy honey gold with a a layer of foam that leaves behind a full glass of lacing.  The aroma is a mouthwatering combination of hops and malt.  The taste is immediately and pleasantly bitter with flavors of citrus, pine and some grassy notes.  The malt backs up the bitterness to create a good balance.  The bitterness lingers in the finish leaving you wanting for another sip.  This beer goes down easy, for sure!  Scottie makes some wicked good beer!  Overall: very good!

Square Tail Stout (5.8% ABV) served in a shaker pint glass is dark as dark gets with a thin layer of thick foam resting on top. It smells a little coffee-y, a little smokey and a little malty - a great combination for a stout.  The taste is a good mix of cocoa and coffee with a wisp of smoke.  There's a touch of malty sweetness to compliment.  This is a very smooth beer, not too bitter.  This is a great beer to pair with all the wonderful barbecue that Moat prepares so well. Overall: very good.

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