Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Festina Peche

 After a week of romping around in the White Mountains riding motorcycles and swilling beer, we returned to our Wednesday night haunt, Porky's Cafe, for good food and cold beer.

I asked the bodaciously cleaved bartenderess, Katalin, if there were any new brews on tap.

To my delight, she said, "Yes! A new beer from Dogfish Head. It's a sour."

I was all into that like hops in an IPA!

So I got a pint. And then another.


Not only did I get to enjoy a delicious new beer but I also got a new badge from Untappd for the pleasure.

Pucker up, buttercup!!

Festina Peche (4.50% ABV) by Dogfish Head is a sour beer in the style of a Berliner Weisse brewed with peaches.

It pours a slighty hazy honey gold with a thick foam that quickly thins out

The aroma is almost lemon-aid-ish.  There's no doubt that this is a sour from the get go.

The taste is a burst of amazing tartness. It's juicy and flavorful. I didn't get any peach flavor, though. There's a bit of funk hiding in the background but it is mostly crisp, dry, and puckering.

The mouth feel is light and gently carbonated.

Festina Peche is a beer I could drink lots and lots of. It's refreshing and goes down ridiculously easy. A perfect summer beer.

Overall: awesome

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