Friday, June 27, 2014

Sunday River Brewing reVisited


Our route took us all they way up Route 16 to Errol, New Hampshire then down into Maine through Grafton Notch.

By the time we hit the bottom of the Notch, we were ready for something to eat.

We'd visited Sunday River Brewery a couple
of years ago. It was really great last time we were there so that's where we planned to stop and refresh ourselves with some food and beer.

I kind of wished we'd just kept rolling.

The service was fantastic and the wings were pretty good. But beyond that, the rest of our food was disappointing and the beer was meh.

When were last at Sunday River the beer was pretty darned tasty. This time it was mostly unremarkable.

I'd already had three of the five in the flight but they weren't nearly as good as I remembered.

What happened?? Gawd, I hate to be a downer. It's beer for Nikasi's sake! Beer is s'posed to make me happy!

European Lager (4% ABV) it is light and sessionable. 

It pours a clear pale yellow with a layer of bright white foam that leaves some lacing behind.  

It is gently malty in the nose and on the palate. It is extremely drinkable but shallow tasting, there's really not a whole heck of lot going on here.

Overall: meh

Maibock (7.8% ABV) was the best beer in the bunch. 

It poured a clear amber with a thick cap of foam that left behind loose lacing.

The aroma was malty and simewhat sweet.

The taste was malt forward with a touch of bitterness to offset the sweetness. Light tasting but flavorful. Good carbonation with medium mouth feel. 

Overall: good

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