Monday, February 11, 2013

Pyramid Outburst

When I bought Pyramid Outburst I was specifically looking for a big hoppy beer.  Sometimes you get lucky and get just the thing your heart - or tastebuds - desire.  Nom!

I love Pyramid beer and Outburst didn't disappoint.

Outburst is an Imperial IPA (8.5% ABV).  It pours a hazy amber with a thick bubbly head.  The aroma is a mouthwatering barrage of grapefruity citrus and piney hops with a hint of sweet caramel malt.  There is a definite twang of booziness in the nose, as well.

The flavor is truly reflective of the smell.  There is a veritable gustatory explosion of tart, sweet, bitter awesomeness.  

Grapfruit is big up front with an underlying tropical fruitiness.  There is a layer of sweet caramel malt to compliment and balance out the bitterness.  The finish is crisp and bitter.  

The mouth feel is very effervescent and smooth.  I would say cautiously drinkable.  

There is a touch of alcohol burn that becomes more noticeable as the beer warms in the glass. 

Make no mistake - this is no girlie-girl beer nor for the novice IPA drinker.  My fellow hopheads should truly appreciate the big time hoppy bitterness goodness the dominates this brew.

Overall - very good.  

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