Sunday, February 24, 2013

Irish goodness at May Kelly's Cottage

The last day of our long weekend in New Hampshire found me outside enjoying the snow making a snowman and a companion snow kitty.  And, then a drive through the mountains to marvel at the amazing transformation a coating of white fluffy snow can make to already majestic views.  Truly amazing; a wow at every turn.

We ended the afternoon with an early meal and cold, cold brews at May Kelly's Cottage; an authentic Irish pub in the heart of the White Mountains.

Hubby and I pop in to May Kelly's every few months and it always makes me smile when we are greeted by name.  It makes me just as happy to sit down and the bartender pouring the beer she knows we want without having to ask - Smithwicks for me and Guinness for hubby.  I have it on good authority that this is the freshest Irish beer you can get outside of Ireland.  I have to agree, it's really the best tasting Smithwicks and Guinness I've had.

The food at May Kelly's is just as good and fresh and authentic.  

We make a point of going to May Kelly's on Sunday afternoons because there is always live Irish Seisiun.  It's nothing formal, just local musicians that roll in and out, jamming together.   There's usually a core group that we see almost every time we visit, but there are others that show up and play from time to time.   It's always a good time and the music is fantastic.

Visit May Kelly's website and "like" them on Facebook.  Visit them in person if you can!  You won't be disappointed.

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