Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I love it when a Plan (B) comes together!

Last night hubby and I went to Plan B burger bar primarily because they were tapping a keg of the much anticipated Stone Enjoy By 04/01/13, secondarily for burgers.

We each ordered a beer and placed our burger order. I went with the Enjoy By, because that's why we were there after all, and hubby decided on Copper Hill Kolsch.  

I won't do a review of the Enjoy By.  Suffice to say that I didn't enjoy it.  Please click here if you're interested in reading my full review.  

Copper Hill Kölsch (5.1% ABV) is brewed by Cambridge House, which is a local-to-me brewery.  Copper Hill was served in a standard shaker pint glass.  This lager is a clear straw color with a thin lingering head that laces nicely on the glass.  The aroma is hoppy and somewhat bready.  Sweet malt dominates with a touch of fruitiness and a healthy (but not overbearing) dose of hops.  The finish is mildly bitter.  The mouth feel is medium and smooth.  Overall good and quite drinkable.  

While we were finishing up our first round of brews, the burgers were served and round two was ordered.

I got sliders made with ground duck, topped with brie and dates along with a side of green fries (flash fried green beans).  Oh my goodness, those were some yummy little burgers. 

Hubby got a cream cheese and jelly burger.  Before you cringe, it was a burger topped with a cream/goat cheese mixture, pepper jelly, bacon and greens.  It was delicious!

668 The Neighbor of the Beast (8.5% ABV) by New England Brewing another Connecticut brewery.  The strong Belgian pale ale was served in a chalice. The beer was a hazy gold with a big white head that left nice lacing on the glass. There's plenty of hop character that balances nicely with a sweet maltiness and a touch of wheat.  The alcohol can be felt as well as tasted, but it's please and warm, not overpowering.  Be careful with this one; it goes down easy.  This is a great beer! Try it if you find it.

G'Knight (8.7% ABV) by Oskar Blues Brewery is an imperial red ale and was without a doubt the best beer of the night.  This dense amber beer was served in chalice.  It came to the table with a decent head and left behind exceptional lacing on the glass.  G'Knight has a big aroma and big flavor.  Lots of citrus hops and roasty malt along with a nice bready yeastiness.  Despite the high alcohol, this is a smooth beer that goes down too easy.  Overall, excellent.

For dessert, we decided to split a beer and cinnamon apple pie a la mode. The beer was good and the pie was rockin'!

River Ale (7% ABV) by Berkshire Brewing Company is an American Pale Wheat Ale.  Served in a shaker pint, this beer was dark and dense with a good head. The aroma is subtle but malty.  The flavor was a bit surprising; in a good way.  It was wheaty, of course, with spicy clove and banana undertones.  This is complimented by caramel malt, a bready yeastiness and a nice touch of bitter hops.  This is a very well balance and flavorful beer.  Overall, good.

If you haven't been to a Plan B, I highly recommend it!  They have delicious burgers, an extensive bourbon menu and ever rotating beer taps.  Good stuff!

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