Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mission IPA

Mission IPA (6.8% ABV) brewed by Mission Brewery is a good, solid IPA that's perfect for anyone venturing into the realm of IPA's.  

It pours a lovely reddish gold with a bubbly head that settles into a nice glass grabbing froth.

The aroma is has nice resin and citrus characteristics along with hints of malt and bread.

There's nothing too complex going on here.  Pine and citrus hops come to the forefront followed by subtly sweet caramel malt and yeasty remants.  The finish is crisp and lingering with a touch of booziness.  

The mouth feel is clean and light.  Making this a very drinkable beer that would be sessionable if not for the alcohol content.

I like this IPA.  It's not too bitter, it's not too sweet.  There's a nice balance of hops and malt to make for a simply tasty IPA.

Overall, very good.

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