Monday, March 25, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Beer is good.  Free beer is great.  It's even better when there's a story behind it.

Thanks to a couple of friends who went to Ireland on vacation who were thoughtful enough to remember my love of beer and who were also awesome enough to bring a couple back for me, I recently got to drink two brews that aren't available for import to the United States. 

That would be a good enough story for me.  But wait!  There’s more!

One of the places they visited was a little town in south of Ireland located on the Dingle Peninsula

As they story goes, they arrived in Dingle with nary an idea of what to do or see.  As they meandered the streets of the quaint town, they spied a sign for the Dingle Brewing Company.  A plan quickly emerged.

They headed in the direction the sign pointed.  Having really no idea of where this place was or what it looked like, they stopped to look around. 

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a leprechaun appeared.  They quickly snatched up the creature.  Because everyone knows that if a Leprechaun is captured that it will grant wishes in order to get free.

Okay, okay . . . I made that part up.

What really happened was that while they were stopped they were approached by a little old woman who was barely over three feet tall.  She inquired in a thick Irish brogue if they were lost. 

The hapless wanderers explained to her that they were looking for the Dingle Brewery.

She gingerly and with great deliberation extended a crooked finger and pointed to a small building wedged in the crook of the road beyond a farmer’s storehouse.  And, thusly secured her freedom.

She was a Leprechaun, I’m telling you!!

So that's the story of how they obtained Crean's Fresh Irish Lager.

They also mentioned something about a dirty room and banana peels but I didn't ask for them to elaborate.  Frankly, what they do when their alone in the throes of passion is their business.   I honestly, don't want to know!  

Maybe that part happened in Tipperary where they acquired the second beer.  It's a long way to Tipperary, you know.  It's 211 kilometers from Dingle to Tipperary, to be exact.

Anyhoo . . . 

Tom Crean's 18/35 brewed by Dingle Brewing Company was named for the famed explorer of Antarctica.  The 18/35 is in reference to the 18 hour 35 mile solo trek to save the life of his two companions. 

18/35 is an Irish lager (4.2% ABV).  It pours a perfectly clear reddish gold that fairly glows.  With a moderate pour, a small head builds that quickly diminishes.  The aroma is rich with honey and hints of fruit.  The flavor is malty, bready with a touch of citrus.   The mouth feel is light with lots of bubbly effervescence.

18/35 is a very tasting light beer that is refreshing and quite sessionable.

Overall:  Good.

Spiced Apple & Honey Cider (4.5% ABV) brewed by Bulmers pour a clear honey gold with little to no head.  The nose ripe with the aroma of honey and sweet apples.  The flavor is true to the smell.  It tastes like sweet apples drizzled with honey with undertones of orange zest.  It has a very nice bubbly mouth feel that tingles on the palate.  

This hard cider is light and refreshing and exceptionally drinkable.  

Overall: Very Good!

The end to this story was a fun surprise.  While logging these beers on Untappd I received a Luck of the Irish badge.  

The end!

Thank you to my good friends, James and Lindsay, for the beer and the tale.  Thanks for thinking of us!

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