Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Full Throttle Double IPA

I can think of few things more enjoyable than an evening out with my hubby sharing cold brews and hot wings; except maybe if you thrown a spicy hot oil pizza into the mix.  What's better than that?  A new beer on tap that I've never had the pleasure to sample.  I was doubly excited that it was an IPA; a double IPA.   Suh-weet!

Full Throttle Double IPA by Sebago Brewing Company (8.40% ABV) is exactly what I expect from a double IPA.

The hazy amber ale was served in a standard shaker pint with the wisp of a diminished head.

The aroma is sharp with the tang of citrussy hops and a subtle undercurrent of malt.

The flavor is perfect for the style - lots of bitter hops well balanced by sweet malt.  

The grapefruity hops are big on the front end.  Sweet caramel hops merge to create an explosion of wonderful flavor.  Piney hops make their appearance towards the end, creating a crisp finish.  The alcohol is well concealed and there is no  booziness to speak of.

The mouthfeel is thick with light carbonation making for a heavy beer.  That's not a downer for me; I like it!

This is a pretty drinkable beer considering the high alcohol content.  This is one I could probably get in trouble with and have one too many.

Overall - very good!


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