Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cara de Luna

This is a beer I picked up not knowing a thing about the brewery or anything about the beer.  But the bottle looked interesting so I decided to give it a go.

The brewery is Crazy Mountain.  They are a small batch craft brewery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  They are expecting to brew 12,000 barrels of beer this year; that's double what they brewed in 2012.  That's some big time fast growth!  

Crazy Mountain's motto is "crazy is, as crazy does, so drink up and live the life you want!".  Okay, will do!

The beer is Cara de Luna. It is a black German style pale ale.  Come on now, tell me that doesn't sound intriguing!

Cara de Luna (5.50% ABV) pours a georgous black cherry color that is black as a luna-less night in the glass. It builds a fat thick tawny head that clings to the glass leaving behind lovely lacing.

The aroma is deep roasted malt with a whisper of dark chocolate.

The taste is richly roasty and mildly smokey. Dark malts and black coffee meld nicely with the spicy Hallertau hops. This beer is neither overtly sweet or bitter.  It is simply well balanced with loads of flavor and easy on the palette. The finish is crisp with lingering roastiness.

The mouthfeel is fairly thin with lovely carbonation. Refreshingly light for such a dark beer.  Quite nice and very quaffable.

Overall: very good.

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