Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Roads Firkin Thursday

I love Firkin Thursdays at Two Roads!  What do I like best about Firkin Thursday?  The beer duh!

No really. Well, yes, really but what I like about the firkin is how Two Roads takes one of their regular brews and adds something to it and how these simple additions transform the beer into something new and wonderful.

This week featured Honeyspot Road White IPA dry hopped with fresh, raw hops grown right on Two Roads property.

Honeyspot Road (6% ABV) is one of my favorite Two Roads beers.  It is a golden colored ale with a thick white head that hugs the glass and leaves a marked amount lacing.  Honeyspot Road is a deliciously refreshing IPA that has a touch of citrus flavor and just the right amount of hoppy bitterness.  

In the cask, the white IPA was poured over Centennial, Cascade and Nugget hops. The fresh hops infused aroma and flavor - Nugget with it's green, herbal properties and Centennial & Cascade their citrus characteristics.

The result was interesting and refreshing; although, a flavor that I suspect not everyone would appreciate.  

The aroma was much bolder and hoppier than the standard Honeyspot Road.  The Centennial and Cascade hops made their presence known in the nose in a big way.  

The taste was somewhat different than I expected based on the smell.  

The fresh hops altered the white IPA into something quite different.  It was brighter and cleaner.  The Nugget hops took the lead on the palette with a green, grassy flavor.  There was an underlying vague dankness that was surprisingly pleasant.

I liked it.  A lot.  

***Two Roads has a different firkin every other Thursday.  Look for the announcement on their Facebook for what their next casked offering will be.  I can't wait!***

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