Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I like beer and I like saké.  So, it stands to reason that I would like a rice ale. As it so happens, my reasoning is just and sound!

Hubby got a bunch of different beers from Great Divide brewery.  Among the selection was a rice ale. It's interesting Great Divide opted to use rice in a craft beer.  Rice is a grain typically used as an adjunct grain in many macro beers so that they can get more bang for their buck.

Needless to say, I was very interested to see what Samurai was all about.

Samurai (5.10% ABV) is an unfiltered American Blonde Ale brewed with rice.

It pours a bright golden color that is remarkably clear for an unfiltered beer, but still a bit cloudy.  It builds a small but creamy head that leaves behind an incredible amount of lacing for the style.

When I handed a glass to my husband he inquired as to what hefeweizen I was giving him to drink.  That is until he smelled it.

The aroma is somewhat lager-like, grainy and mildly citrussy with a whisper of saké-ness

The taste is mildly sweet and grainy.  I didn't detect any fruit (despite the description) with the exception of a bit of lemony citrus. Samurai is mildly bitter which does well to balance out the sweetness. There is a distinct essence of saké towards the end that I thought was fantastic. The finish was crisp and grainy.

The mouthfeel was light albeit someone creamy and smooth.  Fairly bubbly.

Samurai is relatively light tasting but has good flavor and the low alcohol makes it very sessionable.  I liked it. It's a great beer to cool off with on a hot summer day. Or, any time really.

Overall: good

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