Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Post Road Pumpkin Ale

HA! I can finally say I met a Brooklyn Brewery beer that I like.  It's like a miracle or something.

I've made my opinion of beer brewed in Brooklyn - the city, not the brewery - quite clear.  Read about it here, if you're interested.

It's not that I don't want to like beer brewed in Brooklyn, it's just that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Quite literally.

So, imagine my delight when I drank the well known and well loved Brooklyn Brewery beer Post Road and actually liked it! No one was happier than me, I can tell you! I want to love all beer, not that that is a reality, but I want to! I really do!

Post Road is made with real pumpkin and rich spices to make this yummy pumpkin brew.

Post Road (5.00% ABV) pours a deep rich amber with a smallish bright white head.

The aroma is a bold hit of malt, pumpkin, and spices.  Smells like pie, that can't be bad. (^_^)

The taste is caramel overlaying the pumpkin and spices. There are also yummy a pleasant biscuit undertones. I like that this beer is not overly spiced, but gently and nicely done so that they're not overpowering.  It's also not too sweet and well balanced.  The finish is crisp with some spice lingering on the palate.

The mouthfeel fairly light with lots of tingly bubbles.

This is a pretty darned good pumpkin ale. It has good pumpkin flavor with just the right amount of spices and nicely malty.

Overall: very good.

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