Saturday, September 14, 2013

Via Cordis

Two Roads Brewery just introduced a new beer in celebration of Sacred Heart University’s 50th anniversary.

The beer is called Via Cordis. The name translates to “Road to the Heart” in Latin and pays homage to the collaboration between Stratford's Two Roads and Fairfield's Sacred Heart University.

Of course, I was there for the grand pouring along with scads of other beer enthusiasts. I got a pull of the honey gold ale and then another and another and, perhaps, one other.  Good stuff, that Abbey Blonde.

In the tradition of abbey ale, Via Cordis (5.2%) is brewed with a monastic Belgian yeast.

It poured a hazy honey gold with a big floof of white foam that diminished to a fine halo of bubbles that lingered to the end.

The aroma was very fragrant with bold essence of grain and biscuit with a whisper of lemon or citrus.

The tasted was grainy, wheaty and somewhat spicy with a subtle hit of malt. Although there was a touch of lemon, it was not as fruity as I would have expected from the style. The finish is lingering sweetness and grain. The overall impression was kind of a marriage of hefeweizen and saison.

The mouth feel was medium to full with light effervescence.

Overall: very good.

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